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About Sanzosgirl

My name is Sanzosgirl. This is actually my first website^,^! Anywho....I'm 16 years old. I'm in the 10th grade. i like anime/manga.....my favorite animes are cowboy bebop and saiyuki, jpop/jrock music.....my favorite music artist is yoko kanno. i like to draw......and i like bishies....my all time favorite is of course sanzo.

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Name Genjo Sanzo
Voice Actor (Japanese) Seki Toshihiko
Weight 64 kg
Height 177 cm
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Golden Blond
Blood Type A
Constellation Sagittarius
Species Human
Age 23
Birthday November 29
Favorites Cigarettes, Beer, and Mahjongg
Weapon Shourejyu (gun), Evil Sutra, Paper fan
Memorable Quote “Omae wo korosu (I’ll kill you)!”, “Baka (Stupid)!”, “Uruse/Urusai(Shut up!)”
God Profile  Konzen Douji is the nephew of Kanzeon Bosatsu and works for her in filing and signing documents. He usually complains how boring Heaven is and she feels the same way. He was told to take care of the monkey and had a stressful time keeping up with him. Like his human profile he is a little loud and had zero temper especially to Goku (he calls him his pet). But to Goku he is “shining like the sun” because of his long golden blond hair.
Human Profile  He was nicknamed “Kouryu the River Drifter” by fellow disciples in the Kinzan Temple where he grew up. Komyo Sanzo was like a father to him as he taught him everything there is to know. When he was killed by demons his title was passed on to Kouryu and his name changed to Toua Genjo Sanzo Houshi. He possesses the Evil Sutra he can use to exterminate demons quickly and to retrieve his late master’s sutra. During the time when Togenkyo’s demons are going maniacal, he is being ordered by the Sanbutusin (Three Buddhas) to journey to the West along with three demons to find out something about Gyumao’s revival and hinder it.

 Sanzo is the Monk in the novel Journey to the West, but he isn’t that helpless like the character in the book. He may be a handful (count how many times his group has to save him since he is either poisoned or injured), but his anti-descending gun and Sutra make up all of his shortcomings. In fact, he defies practically ALL the basic rules of a monk (a Sanzo at that!) has blond hair he refuses to shave off, purple eyes, a very sexy undergarment, a nasty temper, a very very bad smoking and drinking habit, and needs a serious attitude adjustment. If his gun or Sutra doesn’t hurt you, his words will!  He is NOT a laconic person as everyone else thinks. He is actually too hot-tempered that he always threatens Gojyo and Goku from making noise by either pointing his gun and shooting at them or whacking them with his paper fan^,^;.  Despite his highest monk title and knowledge of the villagers’ admiration, he hates giving sermons to them and keeps a low profile. But he can live up to his position by chanting, meditating and preaching to his companions (the ones he would never admit as “friends”). Believe it or not, he seems to be good with kids. One major example is when he kept Lilin from making too much mess by only handing her a meat bun (see episode 8) . Must be from being attached to Goku too much. ^_^ he likes red pickled ginger in his fried noodles, I think. (see episode 32)

Other Info: He's allergic to cats and there 3 things he hates....perverts,insects, and of course idiots^,^


Saiyuki was created by Kazuya Minekura....not me^,^